Network Hash Rate: 1.877 Mh/s
Difficulty 0M
Avg. Difficulty 16.651 M
Block Time: s
Blockchain Height: 0
Last Reward: 0
Last Hash: N/A
Average 24 Price: 0. BTC
24 Hour volume: £0
Percentage change 24 Hours: 0%
Current Price: £0 GBP
Daily earnings per 1 kh/s : 0 WEB ( £0 GBP )
Monthly earnings per 1 kh/s: 0 WEB ( £0 GBP )
Pool Stats
Pool Hash Rate: H/s
Connected Miners
Block Found 50 years ago
Candidates Total
Immature Total
Pool Fee: 1.5%
Minimum Payout 10 WEB
Payment Interval 60 mins
Payments Made:

Pool hash rate:
Highest pool hash: H/s

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How to Mine WebChain on this pool

One of the easiest ways to get started is with a android phone using the android miner.

Android Miner

On my Xiaomi Mi 9 I get around 40 - 60 H/s which would get you around 5,000 WebChain coins at todays stats 20th June 2019

You can also mine WebChain through the browser via CoinIMP

CoinIMP Web Mining

In order to mine on this pool you need to execute webchain-miner with the following parameters:

This release introduces support for new PoW algorithm that will be used from block at height 2,022,222.

Network upgrade will happen on April 8th. It's needed to upgrade your webchain-miner before this date.

Major changes

Added support for Lyra2-webchain algorithm
Improvements in nonce randomness

Download the miners from here:

Windows 64 bit miner

Linux AMD 64 Miner

Android Miner

webchain-miner -o -u -p x

You will need to edit the config.json file nex to the miner executable.

Change the url to:
Change the "user": "WebChain address ", to contain your address ID which you will have when you setup a wallet.

The pass you can leave this as
x and change the worker ID to a descript your miner, you will see this on the website under workers.

"pools": [
"url": "",
"user": "WebChain address ",
"pass": "x",
"worker-id": "WorkPC",
"keepalive": false,
"nicehash": false

is your address for payouts, generate one with webchaind. In case you don't have wallet address yet, you can download GUI wallet here:

Windows WebChain Wallet

Full example: webchain-miner -o -u -p x

Once you have got your miner setup you should be submitting hashes to the pool:

About Us

We are webchain miners ourselves and supporters of the WebChain project.

Decentralization is always good and this is our aim with this pool.

Any issues please let me know

Terms of Service
By using the pool you accept all possible risks related to experimental software usage. Pool owner can't compensate any irreversible losses, but will do his best to prevent worst case.


No Payments have been made yet from this pool


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WebChain News

Mint Me Launched
4th June 2019
MintMe is finally here!

The place where you can earn while supporting others. Now you have access to the very new crypto trading platform where you can mint your own token, completely for free. You can trade with it as a digital asset, and exchange for other cryptocurrencies within our platform, supported by the decentralized and egalitarian distributed blockchain Webchain.

Getting real support for your projects is now a dream come true, with its innovative way of crowdfunding that allows both sides to earn and it’s social interaction system in which you will be able to meet other people that share the same interests as you, advertise your personalized token and earn money. MintMe is for now in BETA phase, but all functions available to you should work fine.

We are now busy adding many additional features, most prominent:
Social interaction
Tokens created as smart contracts on the blockchain
Better communication between token creators and supporters
Many more features and fixes

It’s time for mutual support!

Fully decentralized exchange Bisq just recently listed us!
29th Jan 2019

Fully decentralized exchange Bisq just recently listed us!

How about to add some sell and buy orders Quick fact: Bisq exists since 2014, so it is well established in crypto world.

Would you like the view the mobile version of the pool ?